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Volunteer Videography

Volunteer Work, 2012-2017

While in college, I began volunteering with the Triangle Lightning, a travel softball organization of which I was a former player before attending NC State University to play softball. In those days, skills videos were absolutely necessary to promote yourself as a player and to be seriously recruited by colleges and universities.


Having a skills video professionally made was very expensive and often out of reach for many of the players that came up through the Triangle Lightning organization. So, using a small handheld camcorder and the free Apple iMovie program, I shot and edited skills videos for prospective college athletes entering their active recruiting years.


Looking back on these videos now, they make me cringe! But everyone has to start somewhere and this was my first ever attempt at videography and video editing.  Ultimately, I am super proud of this work as it helped a handful of young women reach their goal of playing collegeat softball. 

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